You can’t out exercise a bad diet. Period. End of sentence.
I often hear from people that they are going to work out harder or longer so that they can eat a certain food or drink a certain drink. And while you think this might work in the short term (it really doesn’t) there are a plethora of reasons why this way of thinking/living is not sustainable.

  1. Most of the food and/or beverage that we want to splurge on is very high in calories and it takes an awful lot of exercise to come close to that 1,000-calorie creamy donut and sugar filled caramel coffee. Most extra exercise that we partake in will burn at most an extra 500 calories. You do the math here but you’re still taking in about twice as much as you are burning.
  2. Let’s say you do burn off that extra 1,000 calories and are able to splurge. Guess what? That treat you just had is chemically designed for you to want it again and again. Are you going to commit to the extra gym time needed on a daily basis to satisfy your chemically induced craving? Most likely the answer is no.
  3. It’s not just about the calories and inevitable weight gain. Let’s talk about what the Standard American Diet (SAD) is doing to you from the inside out. Your digestive system has to work so much harder to process the processed foods, the chemically made foods that are designed to make you crave them more and more. These foods send you to the doctor who writes a prescription that leads to all kinds of different side effects that you have to take a different medication to combat. It’s a never-ending cycle that starts with the SAD!
  4. Your mindset and being mindful. When we feed our body with whole foods our brains are immediately nourished and turned on in a positive manner. The brain fog starts to lift with each meal that is made of real, whole foods! Your brain begins to set into motion the next awesome thing you are going to do for yourself!

I’m happy to go on and on about this topic, sharing both my own experiences with it as well as scientific proof but I think you get the picture. If you’d like more information on improving your daily habits, please reach out to me today. I don’t have all the answers but together we can find the right answers for you!